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EN 388: 2016 & EN 511: 2006

To ensure the consistent quality of OXXA Safety Gloves, all these gloves are certified conform the EN 388: 2003 standard. When necessary these gloves are also certified conform the EN 511: 2006 standard. Please find below all information about these standards.

EN 388: 2003 Protective gloves against mechanical risks

This standard applies to all types of gloves that provide protection against mechanical risks as a result of abrasion, cutting, tearing and perforation. The protection against mechanical risks is indicated by a symbol followed by four numbers (performance levels), whereby each number corresponds with the test results for a specific risk.

EN 511: 2006 Protection against cold

This standard applies to gloves that protect the hands against conductive cold and contact cold down to -50°C. The protection against cold is indicated by means of a symbol followed by a series of three performance levels that refer to specific protective characteristics.

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